Online stores offer the best comfort for you as you need not step out of your home to make your purchase. They create interest in you by letting you choose from the stunning range of collections they have to offer. They make you happy by handing you the best deal as you get great discounts without asking for them. If these are not reasons enough to convince you, they ensure you are comfortable with payment terms as they provide options to pay on delivery or pay in installments. No wonder, online stores are progressing in Indian market with more customers turning towards them for all their needs. Online stores compete to surpass each other by providing you great deals. One of the leading online stores in India, Myntra has been performing well since 2007. Snapdeal, which entered later, has been intimidating other online players with its massive product range. Let us see if Myntra can handle Snapdeal.

Myntra And Snapdeal – An Outline

Myntra started selling online in the year 2007. The online store deals with a wide range of apparels, accessories and footwear. The accessories include bags, wallets, jewellery, cosmetics, perfumes, sunglasses and watches.

Snapdeal stepped into online in the year 2010. It has a wide range of products and it could be considered a ‘one-stop’ shop owing to its product strength. The collections include apparels, footwear, mobiles, watches, bags, perfumes, home appliances, kitchen appliances, books, toys and automotive products.

How Do Myntra And Snapdeal Match In Products?

Snapdeal provides a wide range of category while Myntra is limited to providing apparels, accessories and footwear. Hence, Snapdeal proves versatile owing to the wide category it offers. However, every business has its purpose and specializes based on what it wants to sell. Myntra specializes in selling apparels, footwear and accessories and hence the comparison will be based on these products. Snapdeal has more to offer even in these categories. There may be a few categories where Myntra excels as in certain types of footwear and handbags. However, Myntra has more product range.

Who Excels In Quality?

Myntra offers better quality though Snapdeal also deals with branded products. Snapdeal deals with popular brands just as Myntra does, but they fail to deliver quality at times. Hence, in terms of consistency where quality is concerned, Myntra leads.

Who Is Wallet Friendly?

The rates are very much in line with offers made by various online stores. Generally, online stores aim to bring in more customers by offering products for lesser price. Some online stores challenge that you cannot find better deal anywhere be it online or offline. Myntra and Snapdeal stick to the principles of online stores by offering quality products for low price. Apart from that Myntra also offers periodic discounts and coupon codes at which are redeemable at their store while checkout. Snapdeal too offers hot deals and coupons at to its customers who are further benefited. Apart from that, online stores such as Jabong (coupons page – and Yebhi (coupons page – also compete with Myntra as they all specialize in selling lifestyle products.

Who Is Customer Friendly?

The very essence of any business is to be accessible to customers and maintain a healthy customer relationship. While Myntra maintains its delivery schedule most of the time, it is slow in processing customers’ complaints. Snapdeal has received many complaints for delayed delivery and inefficient customer care. Reviews condemn the store for defective products and delayed actions. In comparison, Myntra’s performance seems to be better.

Snapdeal has done an impressive job in terms of product range and offers while its customer service is below average. However, it might interest you to know that it has a majority of customers recommending its service to other buyers. Myntra, being a senior and performing better in customer relations does not enjoy the majority. This clearly proves that in spite of all the complaints and the lack of customer service, Snapdeal has managed to win over loyal customers. Hence, if it improves on its customer service instead of just relying on its products’ strength, it could give Myntra a tough time.