The Maratha Empire

6 Greatest Empires from India

With an extensive background of history, India boasts of a lineage of great emperors and their empires. Powerful kings and emperors have come and gone and established their sovereignty over various parts of India. The most well-known ones have also b {...}

Apathy And Corruption

So we know that corruption is everywhere, it’s unavoidable and pretty much inevitable in every nation, regardless of how developed or impoverished they may be, we’re all in the same boat in that regard. I think that the factor that is quite possi {...}

India Keeps Up With The Global Trend

Corruption in India, just as anywhere else in the world, is a thing that just drags down the quality of life for everyone around it.  It really is disheartening and it feels like it’s a cultural quicksand that’s been around a long time before an {...}