Apathy And Corruption

So we know that corruption is everywhere, it’s unavoidable and pretty much inevitable in every nation, regardless of how developed or impoverished they may be, we’re all in the same boat in that regard. I think that the factor that is quite possibly the biggest problem for the future of the world is our own passiveness toward it, our acceptance and apathy. If we don’t simply roll over and accept the problems of corruption (which are facing global culture and peace at large in all levels and echelons of society), then I think we have a much stronger chance at a much brighter future.

Seattle Sky Line Aglow In The Setting Sun

I don’t necessarily agree with this poster, but I definitely don’t disagree either. © Berkeley T. Compton.

As you can see in the photo above, the creator had a clear idea of what causes corruption. Now for me personally, I feel more inclined to think that there would be corruption regardless of the size or width of reach that an individual business or government has. However, the severity and range that corruption would have is certainly magnified in those situations where a strong centralized government is in place. Thankfully, many of the world’s leading super power nations are typically democratic republics and may have a strong federal government in place, but they also come with checks and balances to help keep any one branch of the government from having the powers of a totalitarian dictatorship.


This is probably an image that feels very familiar for just about anyone. I’ve heard plenty of stories about people (from a variety of nations) bribing their way through getting a driver’s license or starting a small business. © Ann Porteus.

As I stated previously, the culture of apathy toward corruption is likely to be a major contributing factor for the existence and prevalence of corruption (both in government and business alike). If there is a stronger unified voice against it, along with a substantial backing of manpower (and most likely a piece of tax payer’s revenue), then with some luck, corruption would at least be less of an issue. I think it would be naïve to hope for corruption to be a thing of the past, but if it was less of an issue, the world would certainly be a better place, wouldn’t it?


I’m not a supporter of illegal graffiti but I do have a soft spot for graffiti that’s used as an actual art form, particularly when it’s used to convey a topical and poignant message, such as the example you can see here in the photo above. © kmillard92.